Situated on the Gulf of Mexico 50 miles southeast of Houston, TX, Galveston is a relaxed beach town with a rich history. Magnificent homes on Broadway, many now museums, recall Galveston's era of wealth and prosperity in the late 1800s.

Moody Gardens features a rain forest enclosed in a 10-story pyramid, an aquarium and an interactive space exhibit.

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Just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula sits the island of Cozumel, draped in lush, topical vegetation. The reefs that fringe the island beacon divers and snorkelers. The most popular shore excursions include snorkeling on famous Palancer Reef or a beginner's dive at Paraiso Reef. A land tour will provide a nice taste of Mexico -- Cozumel has done much to retain its Mexican character. Tourists also may want to take a short trip inland to visit the great pyramids and temples of the Mayas.

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the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere fringes Belize City, which makes snorkeling and scuba diving extremely popular here. Recreational pursuits are popular, ranging from inner-tube trips down a jungle river to zip-line tours amid the treetops of a rain forest. Other excursions departing from the Central American city visit Mayan ruins, wildlife preserves and botanical gardens. Or, spend the day at a pristine beach or browsing the delights of Belize City, including its marketplace, cathedrals and restored colonial mansions.

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Floating 30 miles off the Caribbean coastline of Honduras, in the Bay Islands, Roatan is 29 miles long and two miles wide. Reefs surrounding the islands are teeming with marine life and offer some fantastic scuba-driving and snorkeling opportunities. Idyllic beaches also lure visitors.

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