Long beaches and glamour


 It’s a city of wildly diverse districts, jig sawed into a vast urban corridor from two technically separate cities: mainland Miami and the huge sand bar known as Miami Beach. 


If you’re sticking to the most popular areas in Miami Beach and downtown, though, you can zip around easily by bus and on foot.  Most people spend their time in South Beach, a fairly small area at the southern end of the sand bar, where you’ll find many trendsetting restaurants, and much of its boisterous club scene. 


The first of Miami’s Cubans settled southwest of downtown, just across the Miami River, in Little Havana. This is still one of the most intriguing parts of the city, rich with Latin American looks and sounds, though it’s less solidly Cuban than it used to be.


Welcome to paradise, welcome to Key West


If viewed from afar, Key West seems to float amid a large expanse of sky and sea. 


An MSC cruise will take you right to the southernmost point of the United States, in the Sunshine State, a land of sun-seekers and wild beaches. About 150 km from Cuba, an MSC cruise in the Caribbean and the Antilles is an opportunity to admire the crystal-clear waters surrounding Key West, a strip of land just a few kilometers from Miami. The Spaniards nicknamed it "Island of Bones", because here the indigenous people buried their deceased love ones. Connected to the mainland by bridges, Key West is literally a paradise that offers a breathtaking panorama and stages an ancient culture and history. Enjoy the sunset at Mallory Square and get lost in Duval street, one of the liveliest streets of the city, with shops, clubs and restaurants, and you won't ever want to leave. It is no coincidence that the likes of Harry S. Truman, Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway decided to reside here.


A duty-free paradise 


Once disembarked in the Cayman Islands, the cruise goer is welcomed by the port of George Town. The capital of the island and of the country, it is a traditional Caribbean city with colorful wooden houses that alternate with newer buildings. 

The houses on the narrow George Town streets are interspersed with artisan workshops, where you can find some rarities to take home as a reminder of your MSC cruise in the Caribbean. You can take a plunge into the history of the island at the dual-purpose National Museum of George Town: you can both explore samples of the most interesting endemic flora and fauna and trace the long and tough inhabited history of the island. 


The City of the Eight Rivers


Ocho Rios means eight rivers in Spanish, and it is precisely its rivers, as well as its crystalline sea, that are its main characteristics; characteristics that will not disappoint visitors to Jamaica wishing to immerse themselves in the lush vegetation of these marvelous dream locations.

Just like a mirage, the white buildings of Ocho Rios seems to appear unexpectedly from lush vegetation covering the coast. On Main Street, you will be able to shop or pass your day on solid ground. However, during your cruise to Jamaica and Caribbean sea, we suggest you try the many outdoor activities offered on its rivers, such as kayaking and tubing.  Must-see attraction are the waterfalls along the Dunn River: almost 650 feet of natural steps over which the water flows to then fall about 200 feet directly into the sea.


Ocean Cay, a Unique Island


Discover our new and exclusive Bahamian destination: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.


Here you can spend a one-of-a-kind experience on an authentic Caribbean island, while connecting with the natural world, feeling the warmth of the Bahamian spirit and immersing in an eco-friendly environment. On Ocean Cay, you can enjoy a relaxing massage in a cabana, discover the beauty of the sea and explore the island with dedicated excursions.