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Welcome to the fun and adventure of houseboating! If you're new to boating and everything that goes into planning a houseboat trip, then you’ve come to the right place. Houseboating 101 provides a solid introduction to the safe operation of a houseboat, some good tips on planning your first houseboat trip, and tricks to make the job of navigating both the marina and lake easy and fun.

54-FT ESCAPE.jpg

What is a houseboat exactly? Well it’s what you might think it is: A luxury boat that provides all the amenities from home while you enjoy your getaway on the lake. Modern houseboats are designed to be fuel efficient, have minimal impact on the environment, and offer comforts only dreamed about a few years ago.

Houseboating is a unique vacation choice and many devotees enjoy the experience as “comfortable camping on the beach." Houseboat rentals provide the unique opportunity to travel with a large group with less hassle and a lower total cost than a typical vacation. When you compare the cost and planning time required to make travel arrangements, meal planning as well as entertainment activities for a group of 10, 12 or more - houseboating is not only more relaxed and unique, it can cost substantially less than most vacations. 

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