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DELFT & the HAGUE Tour

62 Euro per person

Delft is a city well known for its ties to the royal family and to Dutch master Johannes Vermeer (Girl with the Pearl Earring). Delft is most famous for its blue and white pottery. You’ll also can experience the incredible historical monuments the city has to offer. From there, we move on to The Hague, the seat of Dutch government and home to the royal family. The city center is easily accessible by foot and contains architecture from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. The Hague has already merged with the coastal Scheveningen, a fishing village in the past, and a resort suburb today as evidenced by the magnificent building at the Kurhaus and the picturesque strip of sandy beach.


BURGES: Bus & Walking Tour 

66 Euro per person

The beautiful city of Bruges is one of the best-preserved medieval cities of Europe. It has played an integral role in western trade as well as in Europe’s artistic & architectural evolution, this has become one stop in Belgium you simply can’t miss! With this excursion we will discover one of the pearls of the Low Countries. This gorgeous city has the whole city center designated as an UNESCO world heritage site. During the bus transfer to Bruges, your guide will inform you about the history and tradition of the city and of the country. On arrival, you will start your walking tour and discover all the highlights of the city including Saint John’s Hospital, Our Lady Church, the Market Square with the Belfry, the old City Hall, and the Holy Blood Chapel, and much more. After some free time, return to your ship.


ANTWERP: Chocolate Tasting Tour

60 Euro per person

Visit chocolate shops in this beautiful city and taste the flavors of the locals!  Taste chocolate in the form of the Cathedral, a chocolate in the form of a hand (which happens to be the logo of Antwerp), and a cookie in the form of a hand.  Depending on the weather, either hot chocolate or more chocolate pieces will be available. In addition to tasting all the chocolate, a guide will teach you everything there is to know about chocolate and what makes it so mouthwatering.  Minimum of 20 passengers needed for tour to run


DISCLAIMER: All optional excursions are shown for information and planning purposes. They are subject to change do to holidays, attraction black-out dates or other reasons. Some, if not all optional excursions may require a minimum number of participants to operate. Prices are quoted in Euros. Final list of availability and costs will be confirmed upon arrival to your vessels at the initial information meeting.

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